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1. Investigation / Special Auditing (Special Investigation).

2. Development of Information Technology (IT): Specialized in Financial & Accounting Application  Software, and Control & Data Communication Engineering.

3. Management Consulting and Development

    a) For specific purposes:

  • Acquisition of the company
  • Management company.
  • Eligible specific contract.
  • Special examinations (cheating, theft, etc..)

    b) Analysis of Development and Program Improvement:

  • Management.
  • Accounting.
  • Finance.
  • Operations, and
  • Human Resources (HR).

    c) Assistance:

Prepare project proposal (Project Proposal). Develop and evaluate the Feasibility Study (Feasibility Project).

    d) Helps strengthen management functions.

  • Preparing Corporate Planning
  • Organizational structures with a good system of internal
  • Prepare EDP (Electronic Data Processing).

     e) Guidance / Training (Training), Seminar & Workshop


4. Tax Consulting (Calculation of Tax Liability Company)

 Tax Consultation Services 

advises both oral and written, providing the right solution and in accordance with the provisions of tax laws and regulations.

 Tax Compliance Services

Fulfillment of tax obligations in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations, including compute, calculate and pay the tax payable to the State Treasury, and report to the Tax Office where the tax payer is registered both SPT and SPT Masa.

 Tax Planning

in tax planning and tax burdens efficiently in accordance with the legislation in force.

 Tax Review

review and analyze the financial statements of the taxpayer in terms of aspects of taxation, as well as calculate the tax due from the findings (tax exposure).

Tax Assessment Assistance

Accompanying the inspection process to completion, including providing an explanation for the findings of the examiner to get the results in the form of tax assessment (SKP).

Tax Objection

Accompanying the objection process to completion, including preparing an objection letter explaining to the tax authorities to get the verdict in the form of Decree Objection.

Tax Refund (Restitution)

Accompanying the tax refunds they were entitled to the taxpayer in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations that apply to get results in the form of excess payment of tax warrant.

Tax Administration Services

Fulfill the corresponding tax administration Tax Act, includes: request TIN central or branch, PFM Conservation Letters, KPP Domicile changed address or business location, Certificate of Tax Exemption, centralization of VAT, and other